Dr.HERi User Guide > Full membership application

1. Full membership application

By becoming “full member”, you will be allowed to use all features of Dr.HERi.
Dental experts can submit their copy of license and fill out simple from to become full member.

[Option 1] You can submit form right after you login for the first time.

full membership application

[Option 2] If you missed submitting in your very first login, you can also register in “My Page” anytime you want.

full membership

Please follow the instruction in “Full membership application”.

Step 1. Take a photo of a license. This will be used for certifying your identity ONLY
and it will be deleted right after it’s done.

The license must match with the profession you choose in step 2.

Step 2. Choose your job type and enter workplace(option).
You can choose one of the jobs below;
– Dentist
– Dental hygienist
– Dental technician
– Dental student

Step 3. Please wait for our staff’s confirmation.
We will inform you in the app and email so please refer to the further notice.

full membership application